ABOUT The Medication Store

The Medication Store is an online retail outlet which specialises in providing the very best treatments for pain relief, sexual health treatment, sleeping, weight loss, amongst many more. All of the medications which are referenced by this site are distributed by HR Healthcare Limited, Britannia Way, Bolton, UK. The Medication Store website is not specifically a pharmacy in its own right, we provide a gateway to a pharmacy and also registered doctors who can help treat a variety of conditions. The ethos of this website and business is to provide healthy living conditions for everyone by offering access to certain treatments, should they be signed of a registered pharmacist and dispensed by a licensed doctor.

The payments of the drugs offered are not usually processed by the site or its partners, we only offer prescriptions and payments are completed by the pharmacy’s partners who are regulated by the EU for the provision of online drugs and medications. The Medication Store’s partners have registered staff that are fully trained to review our online consultations for the prescription of medication to their clients.

When you access the site and start to create an order for a medication you will then be to passed to our partner prescription site to begin you online consolation. Here you will be required to state your medical and physical information with the approved partner pharmacy in order to officially sign off the prescription request. All doctors associated with our partners sites are EU registered and will review your answers prior to you being passed on to purchase your chosen medications.

The UK pharmacy will then ensure that you get your medication well packed in a prompt, discreet and secure fashion. The pharmacy provides branded medications that are approved by the relevant health department and regulatory bodies and are safe to be used by patients in the manner detailed in the medication instruction. Should any patient be unsure about the medications they are prescribed they should seek advice from their local GP.

This website also offers all kind of medical advice, information and reporting on a host of health related topics. Prices are determined by the availability and production cost of the specific medication

The Medication Store prides itself on it’s communication with our users and customers, we welcome clients to contact us regarding any questions or queries . Users can do this via email address, postal address or one of the phone numbers. Please feel free to contact us.

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