Free next day delivery

The The Medication Store pharmacy has upgraded their technology in order to fasten their medication process to their clients. They have the latest means to deliver the drugs to their clients in the quickest way possible and in a good condition too. Most of these drugs are supposed to handle with great care since some could be affected by the atmosphere and lose their value or react if it comes into contact with things like oxygen and water, therefore need good handling methods.

When a client places an order they expect to have it by the following day if the order is placed before 3pm if it has been approved by the doctor. The drugs should be delivered to you at whichever place you are within the EU the next day if the order is approved. If you place your order after 3pm then you will have to wait a bit longer since your order will have to be processed the next day.

The working days of this website are from Monday to Friday and therefore no deliveries are usually made during weekends even if the order is placed hence you will have to wait until the normal working days. For example, if you place your order during weekends then the order will be processed on Monday so that you get your delivery on Tuesday. Once your package is delivered to you one is given a tracking number for safety purposes so that there are no complaints later.

The method in which the package will be delivered to you is determined by your destination where some could be transported by TNT and others using the carriage it is thus it is important to state correctly your destination. Delivery of packages is done freely hence the cost should not be included in your price. Not all laws of a state comply therefore every client is expected to comply with the laws and regulations set by the state.

Before you place an order it is important to know if the country’s laws agree to the shipping of medications from another country to avoid risking. An example is the USA and Canada where medicines cannot be shipped into their country, therefore, you cannot place an order with the RX Express. If you happen to place an order without consulting then the country does not give a permit for the passage of that product they do not take a refund thus it will be for your loss.

One of their major rules after delivery is that once a package has been shipped out of the company then the pharmacy cannot take it back under any circumstances hence it is important that you are fully aware of what you want. There are specific countries that have been approved by the physicians on the delivery, therefore, those countries are guaranteed a delivery of their package in 24 hours. I

t has been approved that the RX Express company has proper and trusted means of delivery where you are sure of their safety and you will get your package in good time.

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