Frequently Asked Questions

The Medication Store is a website that gives prescription and is proved to be a safe method of getting prescription since it is registered by the UK and compliance with all the laws and regulations that have been set by the UK and EU laws. Their staffs are fully trusted where they have registered doctors who examine you and offer the medication and also have registered pharmacists who are familiar with the drugs who ensure that the medication is properly packed.

How is their consultation?

During the consultation one is asked a number of questions concerning their health and any medical problems that you may have experienced earlier so that they can know generally about your health. They will ask what medication you have used before and if they have had any reactions with your body for them to know the right drugs to give you. They may also offer you with a questionnaire to answer any questions that you may find hard to answer in a one-on-one conversation so that you are able to open up fully. The doctors will then go through your document and decide what drug will suit you best without the major side effects.

How they deliver?

Their website is on all day so you can consult at any time and the medications are made the following day with an exception of weekends and if it is later than 3pm. Their delivery is fast and efficient due to their proper packaging with all the medication reactions taken to place.

Are they genuine in their type of medications?

The The Medication Store pharmacy only offers branded medications with the approval of the health department and also have the specified permitted generics. The permitted generics are those that have been manufactured legally to the standards of the brands and the UK does not approve sale of unapproved generics.

How to pay for prescribed medications?

Once they prescribe medication for you get a patient’s portal where all the information about the payment is written down. Their major payments are through credit cards, debit cards, bank transactions or the Western Union.

Is there an assurance about my privacy?

When communicating with the doctors there is an encrypted connection where your health information is passed to the doctor who prescribes you the medication then the information is subjected to the UK privacy regulations that administers the doctor-patient information. The users of the website ado not get the access to any patient’s information.

What costs do I incur?

Every medication that you get is put together in the medication cost including the doctor’s consultation, prescriptions and the shipping cost.

Are there any extra charges?

If you happen to contact the website then you do not get any prescription there are no charges for that.

Can one return a package after delivery?

Once you get the delivered package you cannot return it for safety purposes. It is therefore advised that when picking the delivery you pick it yourself or sign someone to sign the delivery book for you.

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