The total payments are not usually done to the The Medication Store website since there is a different site where you make the payments where they have liaised with the company and the government. The payments are made in terms of credit card, debit cards, bank transactions and Western union. The minute you place an order, your credit or debit cards are usually authorized for the amount that you have purchased.

The pre-authorization is made one the order is approved by the doctor and if the order is declined later then the pre-authorization is released unless you make another order. There are no charges placed for that but your card is later locked by their systems so that no extra amount is charged when you make the payments which makes it even easier for their clients to trust in them. The only charged fees are the consultation fee, prescription fee and the amount of the drugs prescribed for you.

The medication is usually subscribed to you for a certain period of time and therefore you pay the whole amount in full for the full dosage. Therefore it is important that you make an order once you are sure of the order you want to make so that the payments are entered in the system correctly to avoid confusion.

Once your order has been declined then your bank is the one accountable to releasing the unlocking passwords so that you can a refund of your cash into your bank. In this case it will depend on the bank on how fast you can get your money back after such a situation. This is because some banks may process that days and other bans will take up to 5 days to process the money back into your account.

Thus, once the website has released your preauthorization they are no longer accountable for the amount of time you get your money bank since they cannot control the working and the speed of the bank to get the money back to you. There are certain reason that could lead to your order not get processed which are avoidable. An example, is if you do not follow the login instructions and are not able to answer the questions to the doctor’s expectations.

One could also try to purchase your medication with another person’s credit card because the identification of the one getting the medication is usually entered in the system already. The doctor could also cancel the order according to the medical grounds of the patient when identified. A client could also try to re-order the medication quite early depending on the time required to take the medication.

You could end up interfering with the maximum amount of drugs or pills you are required to take hence the order will be cancelled for accuracy of the medication. It is therefore important that you login to the patient’s portal so that you get all the information that you require to know concerning the payments and the whole medication procedure for the whole process to run smoothly.

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