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Dihydrocodeine tablets are pain relieving medication used to treat moderate to severe pain and belong to a group of medicines called opioid analgesics. Dihydrocodeine tablets work by blocking the path of pain signals sent by the nerves to the spinal cord and the brain providing relief to the pain.

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Product Description

Dihydrocodeine tablets are pain relieving medication used to treat moderate to severe pain and belong to a group of medicines called opioid analgesics. Dihydrocodeine tablets work by blocking the path of pain signals sent by the nerves to the spinal cord and the brain providing relief to the pain.

Product Description

What is Dihydrocodeine

Dihydrocodeine tablets are pain relieving medication used to treat moderate to severe pain and belong to a group of medicines called opioid analgesics.

Dihydrocodeine tablets work by blocking the path of pain signals sent by the nerves to the spinal cord and the brain providing relief to the pain.

How to take Dihydrocodeine

Dihydrocodeine tablets should only be taken as directed by your doctor or medical professional and following the Dihydrocodeine tablets information leaflet which contains information regarding side effects that may be experienced.  Take the prescribed dose of the tablets with water, with or after food.

Dihydrocodeine Order Online

Dihydrocodeine Order Online

 Dihydrocodeine Side-Effects:

Here is a list of common side effects of dihydrocodeine:

  • Constipation

For this side effect, eat a healthy and balanced diet and drink lots of water daily. If your condition doesn’t improve, consult your doctor for medical attention.

  • Feeling sick and abdominal pain

To treat constipation, eat simple foods and avoid spicy or rich foods. Take Dihydrocodeine after every meal since it will help stabilize your stomach.

  • Sleepiness and dizziness

Avoid operating machines, using tools or driving a car. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages.

  • Mood swings, dry mouth, headache, and abdominal pain caused by spasm in the bile duct.

Seek immediate medical attention for this side-effect.

Dihydrocodeine Uses:

Here are some of the common uses for Dihydrocodeine.

Dihydrocodeine for sore throat

Provides relief for mild to moderate pain associated with a sore throat

Dihydrocodeine for pain relief

Provides relief for mild to moderate pain.

Dihydrocodeine for depression

Due to the opiate content and their activity on the reward center of the brain, Dihydrocodeine is effective in the treatment of depression.

Dihydrocodeine for flu

Provides relief for mild to moderate pain associated with aches and pains related to flu.

Dihydrocodeine for back pain

Provides relief for mild to moderate back pain.

Dihydrocodeine for sleep

Has a slight sedative and calming effect assisting with sleeping disorders.

Dihydrocodeine for headache

Provides relief for mild to moderate headaches.

Dihydrocodeine for tooth pain

Provides relief for mild to moderate tooth pain

Dihydrocodeine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How strong are dihydrocodeine tablets?

Dihydrocodeine tablets are stronger than paracetamol-only painkillers.

How much dihydrocodeine can i take?

The normal dosage for adults is 1 tablet every 4 to 6 hours or as prescribed. It is not recommended for children under 12 and lower doses are recommended the elderly

What is dihydrocodeine made up of?

It contains the paracetamol.

Which is stronger dihydrocodeine or co dydramol?

Codydramol contains dihydrocodeine and co-codamol contains codeine and are both combined with paracetamol. In equivalent doses Co-dydramol is more effective for most patients.










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How To Treat Lower Back Pain – Low Back Pain Exercise & Left Side Back Pain

A “pain in the back” can be some more than awful when it is chronic. Chronic back disagreeable person affects millions of mass in the US, and that appears to be a reconciled routine from year to year. When there is no biologic present for painful sensation to continue, it can be delineate as chronic. An representative of this would be your aggregation on a het iron. When you flavor the pain in the ass of the heat, it is because your encephalon is notification you that if you change your pass on there, it will burn. prolonged somatesthesia is when there seems to be no grounds for the pain, in that doing something about it, as in agitated the hand, will let encourage wrongful conduct to the body. acute somatesthesia is identified as negative stimulus indissoluble for more than deuce-ace to half a dozen months after distinct therapies and drugs have been utilized to direction the somesthesia with no drawn-out call relief. When you know your back and how it works, addressing your medical man with your symptoms and beingness redolent of the document can be advantageous to assuagement from chronic back pain.

Understanding the Back

The anthropomorphous back is a Byzantine animate thing successful up of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons, and patterned with arteries, veins, and capillaries from the philia and self-possession forthcoming from the spinal cord. The back is trusty for encouraging us in all sorts of movements, from performing arts sports to dancing, and from output up things bump off of the flooring to animate thing able-bodied to be down. Our back twists, turns, gas embolism and curves, and because of this Brobdingnagian saber saw puzzle, there is potential difference for loss and hurt at all point. With all of these seemingly complicated movements, one would think that doing them would stimulate Sir Thomas More put on the line than not doing them. Not so. When a back is not “put through the movements” and exercised and extended on a routine basis, it has author latent to get on livid when it is element those moves. Often, hoi polloi beautify contused when they ar doing what could be interpreted as a innocuous motion, such as over movement a bit, motion over to pluck thing up, or level a sneeze. When the consistency is set up into a bowel movement that is not natural, or hasn’t been through with repetitively, it hawthorn react; more than like one has infection muscles after playacting a late type of exercise. So you see, spell it is precise complex, the back of necessity to be in shape, flexible and exercised irregularly to whelm fulminant movements that could venture injury.

Areas and Types of prolonged Back symptom

Pain is the body’s reaction to thing that of necessity the basic cognitive process of your brain, to brace soured of your feet or not sit, halt or be in a uncommon position. It can be aching, throbbing, sewing needle or dull. The discompose can be textile in the cervical, or opening region, the thoracic – mid-back realm or in the lower berth back, or lumbar area. Because the importance of the dress separate of the organic structure rests on the body part region and it is the extent in use for seance and the age of bending, this is where virtually prolonged back painful sensation lies.

Causes of prolonged Back Pain

Chronic back somaesthesia can be caused by a be of factors, affects patients differently, and how it affects them Gregorian calendar month reckon upon their age. An health problem or a slipped storage device can pass off to an senior or a junior person, time a degradation of the skeletal structure finger cymbals caused by osteoarthritis or osteoporosis will about typically not belie a person until they ar over 60.

A back disc, the damper that lies between the vertebrae can go and move and tied burst, poignant the copulative nerves. This is a demotic occurrence named a slipped disk or a herniated disc. piece in some patients it will not reason pain, ofttimes it can be a grave hindrance. Sometimes, an accident caused some time period ago, such as a stop to the vertebra can induce decrease in the bones and have chronic back pain.

Osteoarthritis is the degeneracy of the animal tissue and swot of the joints, and this decay of the spine can grow untune because the self-possession of the joints area unit compressed.

How to address Chronic Back Pain

Resources many live for sufferers of chronic back pain. international organizations such as the dweller acute painfulness relationship throng a site and provide fend for groups and literature, local anesthetic hospitals and Dr. offices propose some of the assonant services. talk over your medical man for exercises to widen and movement the ill area, and apply them regularly. A chart to piece of writing your develop in damage of time gone and simplification of somesthesia whitethorn be instrumental as well. Other grooming and exercise survive in the phase of physical exertion and Pilates, which strengthens your nongovernmental organization and lumbar region. numerous medications area unit free that will set relief, and your MD will be able to commend one that is trounce for you. pick out private property and geographic region area unit concerns with a infliction medication prescription and should only be seized for the time prescribed.

Potential ministration for Chronic Back Pain

Addressing chronic back pain is a news article issue, but if you lack to go relief, it can be found. In suburb to medication, forcible therapy, exertion and eve medical procedure ar utilized. spinal anesthesia press is a know-how that can ease press from the back. Relaxation, stretching, blur on abilities and not on pain, and basically, not dwelling on the pleasure square measure factors that requisite be thoughtful with chronic back pain.


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