The Medication Store is a site where people can order pain relief medications after a consultation with the doctor through this site. The doctor will examine all your medication information that you provide the doctor with over a secure link therefore should be taken under careful instructions from the doctor to avoid some of the side effects.


Codeine is pain killer that is used to reduce severe pain and should be strictly for adults since it is stronger than paracetamol.  It should not be used by patients which breathing difficulty, paralytic ileus and frequent asthma attacks since codeine could slow you breathing rate hence should be strictly advised by the doctor. Therefore it is important to inform the doctor in case of any previous disorders like the liver or kidney disorder, asthma or low blood pressure.


Co-codamol is a combination of codeine and paracetamol therefore it should be taken if the two drugs are also prescribed.it is prescribed for adults where an instant pain relief is required and the other drugs are not sufficient. Therefore co-codamol should only be taken under doctor’s prescription due to its side effects. Co=codamol could affect the visual ability of a person hence is not advised if one is driving. It should not be taken with patients with breathing problems like asthma, a problem with major organs lie; kidney and liver, drug addiction and any drug reaction.


Tramadol is a narcotic pain killer that used to treat moderate severe pain and should not be used for any kind of pain. It should not be used if you have used drugs or any sedatives since it could slow down the breathing rate. It is reactive to the atmosphere hence could lead to a potential fatal dose and should not be taken for a long period of time or in large amounts therefore just one drug is enough. Tramadol is advised to adults therefore should not be taken by a pregnant woman for the life of the infant. Tramadol should not be taken by people who have breathing problems, any digestive problem or have used any type of drugs.


NSAIDs are the most common pain killers used across the world to ease pains lie headaches, sprains and other health disorders. They are known to be the best pain killer’s bust still have some side effects like breathing and heart problems to some patients. The NSAIDs work by blocking some of the enzymes which play a big role in the making of prostaglandins by slowing down the making of prostaglandins which reduces the swelling and pain. The side effects of this medicines are not fully known by most scientists hence are not listed.

Other painkillers

There are also other pain killers which are used for specific pains or conditions an example is the Replax which is used for treatment of migraines and anticonvulsants are used for nerve pains. Therefore such medications should be used with the specification of a doctor at all times and not after some experienced pains.

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